Composens | (Bio)composite materials : performance and recycling
Le projet Composens a pour objectif le développement de matériaux composites polymère-bois ou fibres végétales performants à faible impact environnemental pour l’élaboration de biocomposites légers et recyclables.
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(Bio)composite materials : performance and recycling

Composite materials have gradually found their place in many sectors of industry (automotive, rail, aviation, sports and leisure, etc.) and are the subject of research to improve their performance or reduce their environmental impact. Indeed, the quantity of waste is increasing and solutions must be found to recycle these composite materials.

This is the challenge of the 2 cross-border projects COMPOSENS and RECY-COMPOSITE, part of the Interreg France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen programme.

Discover the press release and press kit related to these projects and their closing event on 17 September 2020.