Composens | Designing natural fibres for biocomposites
Le projet Composens a pour objectif le développement de matériaux composites polymère-bois ou fibres végétales performants à faible impact environnemental pour l’élaboration de biocomposites légers et recyclables.
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Designing natural fibres for biocomposites

The University Gembloux AgroBioTech – ULiège, partner of the COMPOSENS project, presents a poster “Designing natural fibres for biocomposites”. Discover it!


Morin Sophie, Richel Aurore, Biomass and green technologies laboratory, Université Gembloux AgroBioTech x ULiège


“Incorporating natural fibres in polymer matrices is challenging as both components tend to repel each other. Industrial fibres specifications focus on multiple fibres parameters including fibres aesthetic, composition, cost and safety. The fibre chemico-enzymatic engineering is explored to modify and improve the fibres properties. We have developed in our lab a new and innovative enzymatic process. Our results demonstrate that fibres dispersity in the polymer is enhanced, mechanical resistance and fiber coloration modified after our enzymatic treatment.”

The poster

Pdf version of the poster available : Designing fibres for biocomposites

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